Architecture Competition

Green Wins

1st Price: Team Nr. 75

The Work is excellent in all points. They receive the maximal credits because they found practical solution.

Platz 1

2 Winner Team 287

This work shows a beautiful design and very good technical solution. It has a deficit in the chapter maintenance. But we would like to point out that the designer shows a high profile an excellent potential.

Platz 2

3 Winner Nr. 294

The work shows that the student understood the problem very well. They present very individual design and receive high score for the effort. Nevertheless, the design is very demanding and not so easy build. 

Platz 3

4 Winner Team 319

The work shows a high degree of understanding and got deep into showing clear solution. Nevertheless, the design of your building is based on high energy building material which need good budget and skill craftsmanship. 

Platz 4