Let us develop your sustainable urban environment

As an climatearchitect it would be my honour to support your needs for a healthy and sustainable real estate development, while enhancing facade greenery and increase city farming.

For Developers and Architects


  • Increase of building value using climatearchitecture
  • Decrease of running costs due to exterior facade greenery
  • Faster amortisation
  • Able to use a tool to plan green buildings


  • Conceptual design for specific architectural developments, law AND CODING PROCESSES
  • Certification for sustainable real estate and exterior, interior greenery
  • As our cities are heating up I offer lectures how to decrease the city heat island problems

For Universities and Conventions


  • Opportunity to create green future cities and to learn about small (Microenvironment) and large water cycles (Macroenvironment)
  • Change the legal framework in order to implement the green factors and to significantly reduce city heat in the future
  • The chance to developed a green and healthy urban environment


  • Teachings and presentations for universities and companies held by Climatearhitect Dr. Ing. Betzler
  • Building the city of the future
  • Lectures about the city heat island problems and how to solve the
  • Reducing climatechange and the deforestation of the rainforrest
  • Calculating of the Green Cooling Factor and the Green Density Factor including amortisation and economical gain

For Administration and politics


  • Ability to decrease costs of urban planning and development. Increasing cost efficiency by reducing the city heat.


  • Teaching the possibility to reduce infrastructural costs through climate architecture
  • Applying the GDF/GCF to regional habitats and cities therefore reducing the city heat island problem
  • Climatearchitectual workshops and planning of future cities

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We are able to customise our services and products to your needs.

  • Let us start and join our green revolution now!

Climatearchitect Dr. Ing. Betzler would be honoured to provide our wide assortment of services to you, your company as well as public institutions. There are many great ideas within the market, however we have the ability to quantify the effects and make them measurable to utilize the full capacity out of your development. This formula is usable in any scale, from a standard family house to a whole city.